The HALO light is shining gold in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM).

The internationally recognised symbol for childhood cancer is the gold ribbon and during CCAM each September, people are encouraged to wear a gold ribbon to help raise awareness.

To mark CCAM, the HALO light, which shines as a beacon of hope from the HALO Enterprise and Innovation Centre, was lit up in gold.

During September, CCAM focuses on increasing awareness of cancer in children, as well as the work carried out to support children with cancer and their families.

In the UK and Ireland, around five children are diagnosed with cancer each week. Thats around 1,820 each year.

Cure rates for children are much higher than for most adult cancers. On average, 82% (over 8 in 10) of all children survive their cancer for five years or more. For some types of children’s cancer, the cure rate is much higher. However, for some types of childhood cancer, cure rates are much lower and less progress has been made. Further research is urgently needed.

To support CCAM you can order your gold ribbon here:

HALO is lit up in gold to mark Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
The HALO is lit up in gold to mark Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
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