The HALO is working with some of the UK’s most successful PLCs, global businesses, entrepreneurs, and local SMEs to drive a new economy at the forefront of the 4th Industrial Revolution, by creating a new Cyber and Digital economy. We aim to create 1,300 jobs and training opportunities at the HALO Kilmarnock, Scotland.


We are looking for 200 x 16-24 year olds to join our “Mission Possible” where only curiosity and motivation is needed (no qualifications or previous experience required). If you want to explore and understand how technology is playing an increasingly important role in almost every aspect of our lives and learn how you can play a part in protecting business, communities, and UK society we want to hear from you now!

When you join our “Mission Possible”, you will be on the way to gaining a HALO accredited Cyber/Digital qualification and work experience, in association with our key business partners. We will arm you with the skills and qualifications needed to change Tomorrow’s World.
VR Girl
Ayrshire College

The HALO #Rockstars Tech Cyber/Digital Kickstart programme is open to 16-24 year olds currently on universal credit and at risk of long term unemployment. The six months paid placement is for 25 hours a week and a salary at the National Minimum wage or higher (age dependant). Participants will acquire knowledge, learning, and thinking skills, along with practical tools such as writing code in different programming languages, creating computer games and mobile apps, and other up-to-date technologies. At the same time, there is an emphasis on personal development and on nurturing a sense of capability, self-learning, teamwork, research skills, and more. Studies will take place at the HALO Enterprise and Innovation Hub in Kilmarnock, Scotland, in team sessions with instructors who are from business, college, and university. We also use university students who have backgrounds in computer science and software engineering to motivate and teach students. We offer mentoring, wraparound employability, and sector-specific skills.

The HALO is committed to its local community and there will be opportunities to volunteer with local charities and third sector organisations. Onsite training will be given in relevant sectors such as energy, health, technology, and enterprise. Trainees will work with the HALO’s #Rockstar Partners including Scottish Power, Barclays PLC, Anderson Strathearn, Diageo, Business Resilience International, ID Cyber Solutions, Scottish Business Resilience Solutions, East Ayrshire Education, Ayrshire College, Glasgow Caledonian University and the UK & Scottish Governments as well as a host of international entrepreneurs and their businesses. The “Mission Possible” for HALO #Rockstar trainees is the opportunity to learn and obtain full-time employment. Join our HALO #Rockstars

To join our HALO #Rockstars


you must have Curiosity and Motivation to change Tomorrow’s World and the drive to put the UK at the forefront of the new 4th Industrial Revolution – Cyber/Digital.

HALO #Rockstars Mission Timetable

Applications -Open 1st November 2020 Close Mid March 2021 Interviews April/May 2021 Successful HALO #Rockstart Tech Cyber/Digital Placements Announced shortly after.

Training Commences MAY 2021.

To Apply Email:- info@halo-projects.com If you believe you can Change Tomorrow’s World, tell us what makes you suitable to be a HALO #Rockstar

HALO #Rockstars


Wanted 200 x 16-24-Year-Olds…apply now!