A conversation on “Inclusive Entrepreneurship” at Diversity Conference

Marie Macklin CBE enjoyed a conversation on “Inclusive Entrepreneurship” with Rachel McTavish at this week’s Diversity Conference held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Glasgow.

The Herald and GenAnalytics hosted Scotland’s second national Diversity Conference which champions Scotland’s ambitions for inclusive economic growth.

div conf

The conference is a platform for organisations to learn more about how to embrace cultural change and build the capability within their management and leadership teams to become more inclusive, not just in the workplace, but within our societies and the country as a whole.

Following a keynote address from Jamie Hepburn MSP, Minister for Employability and Training, Marie had a conversation on “Inclusive Entrepreneurship” with renowned journalist Rachel McTavish.

During the interview, Marie talked about workplace opportunities and challenges, best practice and what needs to be done to achieve goals for more inclusive workplaces, and a more inclusive society and country. Marie also spoke about how businesses can create fair opportunities within their workforce and manage diversity and inclusion effectively.

Div conff

Commenting on the conference, Marie said: “It was a great privilege to speak at the Herald and GenAnalytics Diversity Conference. I really enjoyed my conversation on “Inclusive Entrepreneurship” with Rachel and it was great to talk about The HALO’s ambitions for a diverse and inclusive working environment. The HALO is a community-driven project and is about sustainable economic growth which will create up to 1,400 jobs and will provide opportunities for people of all backgrounds, particularly young people. I would like to thank the Herald and GenAnalytics for inviting to me what was a fantastic conference.”

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