Halo Kilmarnock – Imaginative, Innovative, Inspirational

HALO is an imaginative, innovative and inspirational regeneration initiative to revitalise Urban Cities and Towns of the UK. A first for Scotland is HALO Kilmarnock at the heart of Kilmarnock town centre. The HALO project will support the growth and resilience of the Ayrshire economy. HALO will create a dynamic commercial, educational, cultural, leisure and lifestyle quarter of the town, fuelled by renewable energy, where people can live, work, learn and play.

This multi-faceted regeneration of a 28-acre site, formerly the home of Johnnie Walker, the world’s leading Scotch whisky, will generate £205 million GDP and will stimulate 1500 jobs.

HALO has evolved through significant community and partner consultation and engagement to deliver sustainable, long-term economic and social benefits for the town of Kilmarnock, Ayrshire and wider Scottish communities.

HALO is a town centre location adjoining Ayrshire College Campus and Kilmarnock Railway Station, which serves the West of Scotland, North of England and Glasgow Prestwick Airport. There is easy access to Scotland’s motorway network and critical in today’s digital age, it will be linked into the UK’s super-broadband network.

HALO Kilmarnock is a development company formed by Macklin Enterprise Partnerships and The Klin Group, bringing together a highly experienced property development team with the skills, resources and capacity to deliver a unique regeneration projects.


The focal point of HALO will be an Enterprise and Innovation Hub being created to stimulate digital learning, inspire innovative thinking and provide a conducive environment for spin-out, new-start, scale-ups, digital, manufacturing and cyber businesses.

A first for the UK will be the state of the art Live Work studios #RockCribs, where entrepreneurs can live while growing their businesses. Alongside these will be 210 affordable homes for rent equipped with today’s highest technology. Everything at the heart of HALO is designed to create sustainable economic growth and this is best achieved through partnerships.

HALO partners include education and business joining forces to create employment for all but with a strong emphasis on opportunities for our future workforce, our youth.

The completed HALO will feature a new Urban Park, surrounded by entrepreneurial businesses in computer technology, cyber research, engineering, fashion, financial services and light manufacturing.

A Fashion Foundry for small businesses designing, producing and retailing fashionwear and providing training skills for the new digital age will complement the digital retail boutique shopping arcade. These skills will be linked through education at Ayrshire College. A Children’s Innovation Centre will engage with young people of all ages, from eco-nursery through to higher education, working in partnership with local schools, colleges and universities.

Leisure and community amenities will include a WAVE Surf water feature built to Olympic training standards, as well as a skateboard park and other activity areas for all ages.

HALO will feature a first-for-Scotland Virtual Reality Arcade with a Café Bar, digital retailing, graffiti art wall, exhibition and conference space.

HALO will be served with an innovative mix of on-site Low Carbon Energy, as well as Autonomous Electric Vehicles (A-EVs). A first for the UK, it will serve the HALO Urban Park and its occupants assisting with reduced fuel costs and protecting our environment.


The First Phase of HALO is being financed through a multi-agency package to initiate the regeneration of the 28 acre site. Diageo PLC, the owners of Johnnie Walker and East Ayrshire Council have each contributed £2 million. The first phase has attracted £15 million of private sector investment, £3.5 million from Scottish Government and £3.5 million from UK Government. Construction of the Enterprise and Innovation Hub will commence in Autumn 2019, with the first occupancy taking place 2020. HALO has a growing list of companies seeking to locate in the state-of-the-art premises for expansion of existing business or for establishing new ventures.


HALO Enterprise & Innovation Hub


HALO Live/Work Studios


HALO WAVE Surf, Digital Retail, Conference Suites


HALO Childrens Innovation & Nursery Hub


HALO Urban Park/Public Realm


HALO Residential


HALO Digital Manufacturing


HALO Renewable Energy Centre

HALO Enterprise and Innovation Hub

HALO Enterprise and Innovation HUB will be:

  • A state-of-the-art environment for entrepreneurs experimenting, creating and growing highly-specialised digital and cyber businesses.
  • A unique learning environment to inspire and develop people of all ages to expand their knowledge and practical skills for living and working in a digital world.
  • A secure environment for co-location and satellite working with like-minded motivated innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • A show-case environment for the latest in digital and cyber technologies and tools.
  • A safe, knowledge-sharing environment where specialist insight, skills and experience can be brought to inform and inspire learning and business innovation.

The HUB will be flexible, secure, multi-purpose property, built to the highest environmental standards, and designed and equipped for the digital age. It will be part of a national and international network of Government and industry-inspired innovation centres leading Scotland in digital knowledge and resilience.

The intention is to:

  • Provide flexible, affordable workspace in an inspiring environment for entrepreneurs with spin-out, start-up and step-up businesses.
  • Produce an informed and skilled supply of employment-ready young people to sharpen the technical and commercial competitive edges of businesses, especially in the retail and business service sectors.
  • Create and sustain leading-edge learning facilities and opportunities to support widening access and inclusive growth for all communities, but particularly raising aspirations of children and young adults.

The HUB will bring together the real-time knowledge, resources and national networks of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre. It will collaborate with national and international digital and cyber specialists as well as local and national businesses, the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) and Ayrshire College.

Digital Skills and Technology for a modern workforce

HALO will host a cutting edge training and development facility. This will be based around key user communities in specific industry sectors where the introduction of modern digital technologies is beginning to impact the workforce in ways it has not done to date. The facility will have a combination of dedicated sector based suites that simulate the new working environment in areas such as health and social care, facilities for virtual and augmented reality based scenario training, and “living labs” to enable innovation and evaluation of digital technology and skills that are emerging across society.So whether it is carers learning how to use technology to

enable people to manage independent living for longer or improving communication on construction projects this facility will enable organisations and sectors to ensure they modernise and develop a workforce for the future. Experience of using the new technology in a safe but realistic environment will enable the re-skilling of the current workforce. Opportunities will include the application of mobile and sensor-based technology, ensuring people work in a safe and secure manner, utilising data for improved decision making, and exploring how AI/robotics will support human interventions.

To find out more or to get involved, contact the team at HALO #RockMe