District Heating Network

Pioneering new energy technology

Innovative technology will be pioneered at HALO to create the first deep geo-thermal energy source in Scotland Project, providing affordable, low carbon heat for the commercial and residential needs of the development and the immediate local community. This pioneering and highly innovative initiative will spearhead a significant transformational opportunity to kick-start and grow a new renewable energy industry, with skills and technology supply chain that can be led from Scotland. The new technology will deliver an efficient, renewable and sustainable heating supply by drilling a single geothermal well to a depth of 2km.

A small pump will draw up water heated by the surrounding rock, then transferred to water in the heating system. The HALO initiative, supported by the Scottish Government, has significant potential in helping to meet national renewable heating targets. HALO’s partnership with neighbouring Ayrshire College will ensure that student learning opportunities will be optimised. Collaborative links with universities and organisations such as the British Geological Survey will provide the platform to inspire and encourage the next generation of renewables scientists and engineers.

To find out more or to get involved, contact the team at HALO #RockMe