‘Reworking the Workplace’ with RIBA publishing explores the future of work, workplace, and the city in the face of global disruptors. It provides data, concepts and frameworks, historic analysis, and 50+ cutting edge case studies, across three thematic areas of People, Purpose, and Place. With 9 authors, 30 + contributors, 50+ international case studies including HALO, Kilmarnock.


The roles of urban planners, architects and workplace professionals will become increasingly focused on how to address the inherent social inequality that exists at work. Work itself has a huge bearing on society and its inhabitants including wealth distribution, social mobility, wellness, and mental health. How organisations facilitate relationships within their workforce, the societies that they work in, and the wider social environment is at the heart of creating socially sustainable communities. See case study 4.06 for how the HALO Enterprise and Innovation Centre addresses the quartet of social sustainability issues in an innovative new community.

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