The HALO Urban Regeneration Company in Kilmarnock has become one of the most environmentally friendly developments in the UK, thanks to part funding of £415,000 from SP Energy Networks’ Green Economy Fund.

The HALO aims to provide a blueprint for new low carbon energy sites by building one of the first Scottish sustainable communities powered by renewable energy. The HALO has invested almost £1.5million in high-tech, smart energy equipment at The HALO Enterprise and Innovation Centre (HEIC).

This innovative centre is filled with cutting edge low carbon technology with over 100 rooftop solar panels, a solar carport and 12 fast-charging electric vehicle chargers. It also features 10 zero emissions e-bikes and chargers, two electric cars, an electric bus, and a world-class battery storage facility.

The state-of-the-art 50,000 square foot HEIC in Kilmarnock is set to open its doors to the public in January 2022. With a vision for a commercial, educational, leisure and lifestyle quarter where people can ‘Live, Work, Learn and Play’, the HALO will provide a sustainable community powered by renewable electricity with a low carbon footprint.

The HEIC was funded as part of SP Energy Networks’ £20 million Green Economy Fund, which supports the UK and Scottish Government’s ambitious plans to meet climate change targets. The fund aims to boost local economic growth, improve air quality across the country and deliver a better future, quicker for all.

Marie Macklin CBE, Founder and Executive Chair of The HALO, said: “At The HALO Kilmarnock we are leading the way in the development of low carbon energy sites across the UK.

“The funding from SP Energy Networks’ Green Economy Fund has allowed us to invest in the smart energy equipment that we’ve installed here at the HEIC and will support our efforts to harness renewable energy right across the development.

“When phase 1 of the HALO Kilmarnock, the HALO Enterprise and Innovation Centre, opens in January next year it will provide a sustainable community approach to a low carbon mixed-use development providing jobs, economic growth, skills development and access to employment opportunities, all powered by renewable energy.”

SP Energy Networks is part of the ScottishPower group and was a Principal Partner for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) held in Glasgow. It is developing an energy model that will play a significant role towards reaching the UK’s world-leading climate change targets and is investing a total of £10 billion in the clean energy generation and networks infrastructure needed to help the UK decarbonise and reach Net Zero emissions.

Scott Mathieson, Network Planning & Regulation Director, SP Energy Networks, said: “The innovative green technology being introduced at The HALO will provide a blueprint for other new low carbon energy sites across the UK.

“Scotland has ambitious plans to be net zero by 2045 but for that to happen there needs to be big changes. The introduction of this new smart energy equipment will improve air quality and noise pollution while also creating new jobs in Kilmarnock.

“Just over a month ago Scotland opened its door to COP26 and now we must build on the legacy COP26 leaves behind by working with our partners in Kilmarnock and across the UK on initiatives such as this, we are working to ensure no one is left behind in the journey to net zero emissions.”

So far, 35 projects have been awarded funding from SP Energy Networks across Central and Southern Scotland. To find out more about the Green Economy Fund and the projects it supports, please visit:

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