Speaking today at the New York Times Climate Hub, Marie Macklin CBE, founder and executive chair of the HALO, has called on former Bank of England Governor Mark Carney to take a chance on the HALO.

Earlier this month, Mark Carney, as part of the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), announced a $130 trillion plan to fund technologies that lower and eradicate carbon emissions and Marie wants this plan to create a HALO effect in our towns and be the beating heart of local communities across the world.

Marie has asked Mr Carney to use the multi-trillion pound plan to invest £100m in the HALO.

Marie said: “I was really pleased to see GFANZ announce a £100 trillion plan to fund low carbon and net zero technologies and I am calling on Mark Carney to invest £100m of these funds in the HALO.

“The HALO Kilmarnock will provide a sustainable community approach to a net zero carbon mixed-use development providing jobs, economic growth, skills development, access to employment opportunities, clean energy and housing and is setting the standard for low carbon sites across the UK.

“I want Mark Carney and his colleagues in global finance to take a chance on me and the HALO and let our towns sing again.

“By investing in our young people we can provide future generations with the skills and development they need as we pull out all the stops to achieve the objective of limiting global temperature increases to 1.5°C from pre-industrial levels as laid out in the Paris Agreement.”


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