HALO Urban Regeneration Company is looking for a HALO #Rockstar to join our Enterprise team at our 49,500sqft state-of-the-art HALO Enterprise and Innovation Hub in Kilmarnock, Scotland which is currently scheduled to open in May 2021.

The Start Date for applications begins June 2021

Closing dates for applications 30th April 2021


Position: – Enterprise Manager

We are looking for a pioneer who can use their own initiative to drive an entrepreneurial culture and community where start-up, scale-up, and established businesses can create a new Tomorrow’s World. HALO Enterprise and Innovation Hub strives to create a unique workplace providing the right balance between allowing companies and their employees to work independently and creating spaces that allows them to collaborate with others. Your primary responsibility, alongside the rest of the team, is building the HALO ethos, culture, and community. We want HALO to be the place where anyone interested in growing a business chooses its location. The role on a day-to-day basis will involve:

In the know: – There’s a lot happening in the HALO #Rockstars community and someone needs to keep track of it. It’ll be you!

Communication: Being the go-to person for our HALO #Rockstars – whether it’s our tenants looking to share good news or a college or school wanting to bring their students for a field trip. As we look to attract new corporate partners, your inbox will be the first port of call.

Feedback loop extraordinaire: We need someone who will be able to solicit feedback on the biggest challenges for our tenants and respond to them – from funding, mentoring and building maintenance issues to any concerns around the working environment.

Events: We will provide access to technology which will create global access to events and mentors; our events will be a mixed blend of online and at the HALO Enterprise and Innovation Hub. You will work with our Barclays Eagle Lab team to select speakers that represent a diverse cross-section of the tech and business community and ensure we are hosting events that cover important topics for the diverse audience.

Marketing: Communicating is a key part of the role, making sure key stories are shared and tenants and partnerships are celebrated. Working with our comms and marketing team you will create new programmes and media communication through social media platforms

Administration: We like to keep a tidy ship so first-class administration will be vital to HALO success

Onboarding: Inducting new members into the HALO#Rockstars community and making those vital introductions will be a central part of the role.

Partners: You’ll work with our Head of Partnerships to deliver high-quality HALO #Rockme packages to HALO tenants. HALO Scotland is a state-of-the-art building full of start-ups, scale-ups, entrepreneurs, techies and creatives, who together form a wonderful community. As COVID-19 has changed the way our communities work, we’re looking for someone to help build and support that community through its current challenges. Someone who easily makes connections with people online, takes an interest in what others are doing and with a strong understanding of start-up and SME culture. We’re a new brand growing daily, and the enterprise manager will play a key role in this growth. The perfect candidate requires to have

Significant experience working with customers/clients.

A strong ability to communicate online and in person.

Self-direction – we’re a busy team, so don’t expect to be micromanaged. We’re always here to answer questions and share knowledge but you will have to make decisions every day to ensure service levels are maintained at all times.

The ability to learn. The world of tech and start-ups is always changing, and every day brings new ideas from sources all around the world. You’ll need to be geeky for blogs, podcasts, etc, and keen to share your favorites with the team and community.

Experience working with start-ups or as an employee at the early-stage business would be a plus.

Collaboration is key to the role, whether that’s with our community, our team, our partners or the general public. This role will be undertaken remotely initially, due to current COVID-19 restrictions. At Halo, we value your work/life balance so will always strive to make sure you don’t work more than your contracted hours. You’ll be able to request your regular day off or discuss other flexible working arrangements as part of the hiring process.

Salary is £30,000 for the 28 hours / four-day week (equivalent to £37,500 for a 35 hour / five-day week) plus potential 10% Bonus, related to performance.


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