HALO offers an opportunity to live within the beating heart of an imaginative and inspirational…

HALO will be home to forward-thinking businesses working from high quality, flexible and environmentally…

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HALO brand is an imaginative, innovative and inspirational Urban Regeneration initiative to revitalise former vacant industrial land set within communities which are experiencing economic challenges. This brand was created by our founder Marie Macklin CBE. HALO’s biggest economic asset is the untapped social capital of the local communities which have a huge beating heart. The HALO Kilmarnock will be the first town centre net-zero carbon energy project in Scotland, a “Community Urban Village” setting the standard for low carbon energy sites. Our aim is to roll out the same net-zero community-driven projects across other sites in the UK and Europe.

Million in Investment



Acres of Urban Park



HALO is an imaginative, innovative and inspirational urban regeneration concept that is set to transform formerly vacant industrial land and inspire new economic and social opportunities in a number of towns and cities across the UK.

Through local champions – such as active community groups, education networks and individual leaders – partnerships are being forged with locally focused HALO teams that will identify and deliver economic regeneration – based on what the communities themselves say they need.

Phase 1 Enterprise & Innovation Hub opening Spring 21

halo Phase 1 Enterprise & Innovation Hub opening January 22

HALO 45,865 sq ft of outstanding
new workspace...
for productivity, creativity and wellbeing
in the centre of Kilmarnock's HALO
rengeneration project.
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